One Bark Away 

A licensed & insured professional mobile

dog grooming service


Our Mobile Services

Full Groom

(This grooming package is designed for dog (s) with a single coat that requires to be shaved. (Ex.Havanese,Yorkie) 

Wash & Blow Dry

(This Grooming package is designed for double coated dogs who have longer hair in specific areas (bum,belly,feet) and require  brushing and a general tidy up (Ex. Golden Retrievers, Border Collie.)

Bath & Brush

(This grooming package is designed for double coated dogs with short but fairly thick hair that just requires brushing.(Ex.Siberian Husky,Akita)

Nail Clipping

(This option is for anyone who has difficulties trimming your pets nails. We also include pad shaving if desired)


Pet Supply Delivery

(This option is designed for clients that are not able to leave their house or those that enjoy the simplicity and convenience of delivery)


pet waste removal and disposal 

(For our grooming clients we also offer a waste removal service. While your Dog is being professionally groomed we will have your yard cleaned as well)


Why Mobile?

  • Convenience! Let us meet you and fit into your lifestyle

  • Full service without delivery and pickup trips to the groomer

  • Less stress for both you and your owner

  • One-on-one professional pet care

  • Perfect for senior pets

  • No exposure to other dogs

  • Personally hand dried

  • Eliminates car sick rides

  • No separation anxiety

  • Sanitary environment

  • High quality and natural products

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm
Sun: Closed


Ask Me Anything

Thank you for your interest in Onebarkaway mobile grooming. As of right now we are Looking at filling our calendar starting May 01 2021. We have received a tremendous amount of support and will do our best to have a soft opening as early as April 2021. For those interested in this service please leave your information and we will get back to you ASAP with a tentative date for your groom. Due to the one-on-one aspect of mobile grooming we can only groom so many dogs in a day so spots are limited as we will not sacrifice quality for quantity.

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