Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an appointment?

  • If you are a new client the fastest way to get an appointment is proceed to the book now section where you will be prompted to message us. Once you message us we will go over details of the groom and select a Date/Time on the calendar to fit you in. 

Do I need to be home to get my dog groomed?

  • We require the dog parents to be home for the first grooming. After that it's not necessary. We will go over options in our contract that best fit your needs. 

Do you groom puppies?

  • Yes!  An early introduction to grooming (10-12 weeks old) will ensure your puppy loves grooming for years to come. 

Can I be with my dog while you groom?

  • We do not allow dog parents to be with their dog during the grooming process.  We have learned that dogs can get distracted by their parents and this also interferes with the forming of a trusting relationship between the dog and the groomer. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Onebarkaway accepts cash, check, and e-transfer as payment for grooming services. There will be a $50 Returned Check Fee to cover bank fees incurred from a “Non-Sufficient Fund” (NSF) check. After a NSF check is received from a customer, only cash or e-transfer will be acceptable forms of payment for future grooms.

Can you provide an exact time that you will arrive to groom my dog?

  • While we strive to arrive at your confirmed appointment time, there are many unforeseeable scenarios that can occur in grooming (especially mobile grooming) such as pet behavior, condition of pet’s fur, injured or aged pet that require unexpected additional time, inclement weather, and road construction/traffic, mechanical issues, for example, that are not within our controlBecause of this, please expect an arrival within a 1-hour window of your scheduled time to account for unexpected delays. For example, if your confirmed appointment time is for 1pm, your appointment window is for 12:30-1:30pm.

What do you mean by mobile?

  • Simply put, we come to you! Our mobile unit is fully equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to groom your dog. We pride ourselves on creating a stress free groom for your dog with things such as ramps for elderly dogs, electric raising grooming table, a walk in tub and much more! We arrive at your home and use a two part leash system for your pets protection while we walk them to our mobile salon which will be parked outside your house. With your dog being right outside your home it adds peace of mind that they're receiving one-on-one treatment.

Will you groom my aggressive dog?

  • We do not groom dog’s that are overly aggressive.  That being said, we have experienced many dogs who were told they were banned from other groom shops or that they needed to be sedated to be groomed.  However, in many instances, the absence of other dogs and a stress-free environment allows your dog to be groomed successfully. Please communicate your dog’s past experience and your concerns and we can discuss approaches that may result in a successful grooming experience.

Do you need to plug into my electric outlet or use my water?

  • Not at all! The purpose of mobile grooming is to create a stress free environment for pets and owners. We come fully stocked with our own water/electricity. We will never ask to use your power or water.

Are you licenced?

  • Onebarkaway is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. We also put our employees through an extensive background and criminal record check. Safety for our clients is our #1 priority